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Anake Na Airĩtu

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Historically it turns out that among the Kikuyu, dances were varied, relatively frequent and often keenly looked forward to events. Anake Na Airĩtu loosely translated as “Guys and Gals”, is a song in the musical play REKE MAHIKE, intended to be an energetic social dance piece for Young Adults, along the lines of what would have been called Kũinanĩra or Kĩbata. These types of dance events served a number of functions such as – they were to be a way to quickly disseminate information through announcements, while also providing fun co-ed activities during which many relationships would be kindled and stoked.

Anake Na Airĩtu ©2019 Gatumia Gatumia
REKE MAHIKE ©2019 Gatumia Gatumia

Demo Credits:
Gatumia Gatumia, Matthew Owegi, Esther Nyaga, Sheila Waithaka, Waithaka Gatumia, Anna Othoro, Wanyara Gatumia