Lyric Video

Nĩ Ithuĩ

Nĩ Ithuĩ, translated as “It is Us”, is a mass choir type song which serves two main purposes in the REKE MAHIKE story. First, it seeks to provide some very basic information about the Kikuyu nation, such as their historical territorial boundaries and their belief in and worship of a single deity, Mwene Nyaga.

Second, since the song occurs at a time of social distress, it also serves as a plea to Mwene Nyaga for deliverance from the source of the trouble.

Nĩ Ithuĩ ©2019 Gatumia Gatumia
REKE MAHIKE ©2019 Gatumia Gatumia

Demo Credits:
Gatumia Gatumia, Esther Nyaga, Sheila Waithaka, Waithaka Gatumia, Wanyara Gatumia