Lyric Video

Reke Mahike

Reke Mahike, translated as “Let them Marry”, is the “everyone join in Title Song” of the musical play Reke Mahike. The scope of the song spans relevant matters, ranging from recognition of the importance and value of the marriage ceremony, due acknowledgement of God, wishing the newlyweds well, through to inviting everyone to share in the fun and excitement of the occasion. Hey let’s have fun at the party!

Reke Mahike ©2019 Gatumia Gatumia
REKE MAHIKE ©2019 Gatumia Gatumia

Demo Credits:
Gatumia Gatumia & Kieya Kamau, Matthew Owegi, Esther Nyaga, Sheila Waithaka, Waithaka Gatumia, Anna Othoro, Wanyara Gatumia