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Tũma Ndũmĩrĩri

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Tũma Ndũmĩrĩri translated as “Send A Message”, is a flirtatious song from the musical play REKE MAHIKE, sung by the Female Protagonist and her clique of Friends. The lyrics and attitude of this piece are meant to capture the playful posturing and good natured teasing that often occurs among available young adults.

Tũma Ndũmĩrĩri ©2019 Gatumia Gatumia
REKE MAHIKE ©2019 Gatumia Gatumia

Demo Credits:
Gatumia Gatumia & Kieya Kamau, Matthew Owegi, Esther Nyaga, Sheila Waithaka, Waithaka Gatumia, Anna Othoro, Wanyara Gatumia