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“REKE MAHIKE” is an original Kikuyu Musical Play which, as at the time of this writing, contains eight original songs. The plot is structured like your basic fairy-tale or “Ngano cia Marimũ” as they are called in Gĩkũyũ. The book of the play also contains an English translation of the story and the songs.

It is an upbeat play that should be entertaining to youths, adults and even elderly people. All are welcome! The play is a work of fiction which presents an artistic expression of ideas drawn from Kikuyu heritage. (It is not at all meant to be chauvinistic.)


In the story we will meet a beautiful maiden called Cirũ (short for Wanjirũ). Now Cirũ had not married, and this matter is causing conflict in her home. The problem is that the person she loves, is despised by her parents. Things get to a point where Cirũ’s father and mother conspire and take a very drastic action, all in a bid to marry their daughter off. How this conflict is resolved forms the substance of the story.