THE SONGS A Fresh take On Kikuyu Music...

During preparation for the performance of REKE MAHIKE, we produced song demos mainly to help the Cast learn the songs. These demos, which were made entirely at home under less than professional conditions (hence the “100% Home Made” tag), turned out to be quite enjoyable and so we have opted to release them as is. The song demos are available as Audio Tracks and as Lyric Videos.

Many thanks to Kieya Kamau, Matthew Owegi, Esther Nyaga, Waithaka Gatumia, Sheila Waithaka, Anna Othoro and Wanyara Gatumia. It was FUN! 😊

The Music Player right at the bottom of the screen should allow you to conveniently play the audio tracks while you browse. Depending on the device you are using, you may also be able to play the music from the lock screen.

The songs are also available from various music services, including those listed and linked to in the black box below.

Lyric Videos A Quick and Easy Way to Learn the Songs.

Learn some Kikuyu / Gĩkũyũ songs, from the Kikuyu Musical Play “REKE MAHIKE”, using the following YouTube Lyric Videos which feature Kikuyu to English translation. And for those who would like to read a bit more about the context and motivations behind each song, simply click the relevant READ MORE ABOUT buttons that appear below the Vidoes. Enjoy!

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